Stainless Steel Two Tier Round Container


Stainless Steel Food Grade Two Tier Round Lunchbox/ Container.

Perfect for smaller school and work lunches, leftovers and for trips to the market.

Two levels makes life easy, separating your meals and snacks keeping you organized and ready for the day.

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Some restaurants and cafes give discounts if you bring your own container. If they don’t ask why not.

The more people who ask the more incentivized discounts on bring your own products will become.

Say no to single use plastic.

Material – Stainless Steel

Weight – 300g

Care Instructions – Dishwasher Safe

Size Bottom Layer – 300ml; / 4.5 x 13cm dia

Size Top Layer – 500ml/ 5 x 13cm dia

Size Overall Dimensions – 800ml / 8 x 13 cm dia


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